LAMINITIS and Related Conditions

Laminitis: Special Issue of the Equine Veterinary Journal 
Published April 2004 
110 pages, soft cover 
An engrossing collection of the latest (for 2004) papers on laminitis causes and the mechanisms of the disease including differentiation between endocrinopathic and systemic forms. Particularly strong selection of papers by Chris Pollitt and the Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit. Includes the first paper that proved that cryotherapy could prevent lamintiis, by Van Eps and Pollitt. Plenty from the Royal Vet College as well (Menzies-Gow and Bailey). Copies of this are hard to find! $20 plus post, only a few left.

Proceedings of the Fourth International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot
Essays by Orsini, Pollitt, Moore, et al, narrative summaries by speakers
Softcover, with or without CD-ROM of 76 complete proceedings papers, 112 pages
Simply the largest compilation of papers on laminitis ever assembled. Included are the special treats of Dr. Pollitt's "48 Hours in Acute Laminitis", as shown on the cover, as well as his previously unpublished sequential CT scans of the blood supply to the foot.
Dr. Moore's essay addresses the significance of laminitis research and education in the aftermath of the Barbaro tragedy and publicity earlier in 2007.
A few other presenters and authors included Steve Adair, James Belknap, Robert Boswell, Thomas Divers, Berndt Driessen, Lisa Fortier, Bryan Fraley, Ray Geor, Aaron Gygax, Amanda House, John Hubbell, Philip Johnson, Fran Jurga, Bruce Lyle, Joseph Mankowski, Catherine McGowan, Scott Morrison, John Peroni, Patrick Reilly, Ron Renirie, Rob Sigafoos, Mark Silverman, Nathan Slovis, Ashley Stokes, Mitch Taylor, Andrew Van Eps, Don Walsh, Kathryn Watts, Mary Beth Whitcomb, Michael Wildenstein and Laura Zarucco.

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