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The Horse Boy
by Rupert Isaacson
Little Brown, 2009, hardcover, non-fiction, NEW
An autistic boy in Texas calms down visibly when his father takes him to watch the horses next door. And when he starts riding with the child in the saddle in front of him, peace comes over both of them and a deeper relationship evolves. So Rupert got this crazy idea to take his son on an epic horseback journey through the horsiest place on earth: remote Mongolia! In search of understanding handicaps and mental illness in a different culture, Rupert and his wife learn a lot about their son, their circumstance and how American society sets handicapped children apart--while in other places they may be embraced as truly special. The shamans of Siberia and Mongolia were hard to figure, but they saw something special, not ill, in little Rowan. This book has horses as its engine, to be sure, but it goes beyond the horse-human bond to explore new territory--in many more ways than one.

This book was dismissed by the horse world because the boy wouldn't wear a helmet and went into tantrum mode if anything was put over his head. And his father worked around it. The helmet issue was a dealbreaker and I was branded a heretic myself for endorsing this book. I think this book has a lot to offer and will continue to promote it, helmets or not. It's interesting that the author later won an American Horse Publication award. A documentary film was also made of their journey and can be bought on DVD.

I will give a copy of this book to any customer who will promise to get past the helmet issue and read it.
That's right, it's free, while supplies last. People need to read this book.

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Ranch of Dreams
By Cleveland Amory
Hardcover, 1997, first edition
This book is in like-new condition except for a gift inscription in the front. Apparently the recipient didn't read her gift book--she left it for you to do that. Subtitle is "The Heartwarming Story of America's Most Unusual Animal Sanctuary". You've heard of the Black Beauty Ranch in Texas? Of course. This book takes you there and explains what built the place and the dream behind it.
Very well written. 288 pages. $5 plus post.

The Revolution in Horsemanship and What It Means to Mankind
by Robert M Miller DVM and Rick Lamb
Soft cover, Lyons Press, 2005, 354 pages, illustrated and indexed, new
Simply one of the best books on horse training ever. Of course it is expounding on natural horsemanship, but it fits it into the bigger picture of horse-human relations and history. I have always thought this book was exemplary and am very proud to have been part of the chapter on "the hoofcare debate". We have several unsold but brand, shiny new copies. Uncracked, untouched, and half price. List price is $25 so you can order as many as you like for $12.50 plus post.

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