The Animals' Who's Who: 1,146 Celebrated Animals in History, Popular Culture, Literature and Lore
by Ruthven Tremain; hardcover with dust jacket, $15
I don't know why I had two copies of this book, except for the fact that I do like it enough to have bought it twice. It's an encyclopedia of famous animals, with short biographies. From Francis the Talking Mule to Miss Piggy to Red Rum, they are all here, with dates and details. A trivia lover's delight! $15 plus post

The Life, History and Magic of The Horse 
by Donald Braider
Hardcover, oversized, 1973, 247 pages.
This copy has a bit of child-like writing and scuffing in a gift inscription on the front page. You'll leave that far behind as you delve into the deep, deep content of this book, with chapters like "With Man at Work", "For Man's Amusement", "The Horse in Literature", etc. There must be hundreds of photos and drawings in this book; it is a complete visual and text history. Highly recommended! The dust jacket is in great shape! $8 plus post.

Yankee Doodle Dandy: The Life and Times of Tod Sloan  
by John Dizikes, 
softcover, trade paper size, Yale University Press.
This is quite collectible, as it is the advance uncorrected page proof from the publisher. Includes images stamped FPO. A rough cut but the text is readable if you want a good read, or sell it on eBay as a racing collectible for a fortune. There are some kitty teeth marks at bottom of first few pages. (sorry about that)
Todd Sloan, of course, was the famous American jockey who went to England and caused a scandal with his "forward seat". This is the man who gave us short, short stirrups. He was one of the country's great celebrities as the turn of the century and should not be forgotten. Cover not as shown because it is a proof. $20 plus post.


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