THE BABY BOOM: New Information on Hoofcare and Therapy for Foals
from Hoofcare & Lameness Journal
36-page collection of articles on foal leg and hoof problems, including:
A New Look at Foal Legs: Textbook Straight is Not Perfect by Larry Bramlage DVM
Flexural Contracture Deformities in Foals by TFM (Mac) Head FWCF
Medical Treatment for Early Flexure Deformities in Foals by Steve O'Grady DVM
The Uniformity of Measurements of Internal and External Structures in the Foal's Foot by Alan Bailey AWCF
Neonatal Flexor Tendon Laxity by Janice Young DVM and Bruce Novak
Normalizing Flexor Tendon Deformity by Mary Hudson
Major Repair on a Very Small (Miniature Horse) Foot by Jack Evers
Also: Looking at a Foal's Leg (growth plates), Reference Soures on Hoofcare and Leg Development in Foals, Vet College and Farriers Meet on Foal Problems, Are some breeds predisposed to specific flexural deformities? and other tidbits.
A small pile of these special reports was just unearthed, like treasures in an archeological dig. Sale price $15 each (normally $20) plus post outside USA.

Hoofcare and Lameness Journal Back Issues
are on sale for $12 each for all editions published before 1991. Special offer: 10 back issues for $99. These are great collector editions. Some are under the old title of FYI: Hoofcare & Lameness News. Not included: Baby Boom special double collector's issue, see above.

Horses, Shoes and Tales: A Collection of Anecdotes, Articles and Adventures from Australia's Favorite Farrier by David Farmilo
Softcover, 2003, published by the author, 207 pages, generously illustrated
Part heart-warming stories, part treatise on modern-day horseshoeing in Australia.  Interesting photo and entertaining illustrations. All rolled into one! You'll enjoy it. Last few copies are half price at $8.50 plus post.

Horseshoes for Horse Owners: A Handbook of Observations
by Beverly Estabrook CJF
This book was way ahead of its times. It is self-published with plastic coil binding but don’t judge this book by its cover. It’s terrific! Designed to get horse owners interested in hooves and explain the hows and whys of caring for feet and getting along with farriers. Author is a farrier in North Carolina and an old friend. $10 plus post. I have several copies.

On the Horse's Foot, Shoes and Shoeing: The Bibiographic Record and a Brief Timeline History of Horseshoeing
by Henry Heymering
Hardcover, St Eloy,1990, first printing
I talked Henry into doing this project. At first people didn't understand this book, now they "get it". Here's quite possibly the last like-new unblemished copy on the planet. Simply the most important historical record of the horse's hoof ever compiled and one of the books I'd grab if the building was on fire. Partly because I know it can't be replaced. Limited edition. Collector's dream: $150 plus post.

Be sure to check the sections on biomechanics, laminitis, lameness, veterinary medicine, anatomy, etc.!


POSTAGE IN USA: First book $5, each additional book $2.

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