All-Weather Surfaces for Horses, Third Edition
by Ray Lodge and Susan Shanks
JA Allen, 2005
The indispensible guide to artificial arena surfaces. Principles of constructing arena and tracks, choice of materials, irrigation, dust, maintenance, specifics of gallop tracks, racecourses, lunge arenas, turf, indoors vs outdoors. I love this book. Footing galore! Color photos. This is the last copy in stock and we won't be selling it anymore. Cost new: $41.95. This one $15 plus post.

Clinics in Sports Medicine: Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete
Hardcover, 180+ pages, illustrated, black and white
Saunders: Symposium on Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete
Human sports medicine update on rehab of elite athletes, outlining the same principles used on equine athletes. Chapters include Guidelines, Therapeutic Exercise, Physical Agents (heat, cold, etc.), Braces and Taping, Neck and Low Back Injuries, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Knee Injury, Anterior Cruciate Deficient Knee, Ankle, Psychologic Aspects, Overuse Injuries, Prehabilitation, Index. Then again, you could use some of this information for your own rehab! Recommended because the concepts are clearly spelled out. Possibly dated looking clothing (shiny lycra on gymnasts) but a good core reference book. $10 plus post.

The Elite Show Jumper: Proceedings of the Conference on Equine Sports Medicine and Science, 2000
Arno Lindner, Editor
Soft cover, 302 pages, some illustrations.
Authors include Hoofcare and Lameness Journal editors Clayton, Denoix, and Dyson, among many others. If you ever wanted to truly understand how a horse gets over a fence (and how a horse gets over different types, heights, and widths of obstacles), this is the book. Includes chapter on jumper conformation by Swedish expert Holmstrom plus much on physiology, conditioning, sport science. Some American authors, but mostly European. All papers are in English. Multiple copies available. In Euros, equivalent cost is much higher; to clear out inventory, offered at $64 plus post while they last.
The Lame Horse: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
By James R. Rooney
Hardcover, 1974, first edition, 237 pages
Very lighted used book, front flap has been price clipped. Minor edgewear and rubbing along spine.  This is THE book. The classic reference for biomechanics and lameness from the great and opinionated equine pathologist. Yes, there's a newer edition, but this one is great for reference and the source of so many diagrams that have become standard instructional media for lameness and conformation studies. Hats off to Dr. Rooney, whether you agree with him or not. Nice to have in hardcover. $25 plus post. Two copies left. Also one in softcover (also 1974 edition) $15.


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