Care of the Competition Horse: Prepare to Win
by Sarah Pilliner
Hardcover, Batsford, 1994, 176 pages, new
From the publisher: Any experienced competitor will agree that competitions are won at home, and in this book Sarah Pilliner explains every aspect of management, training and care to help the amateur rider produce a horse capable of performing to the best of its ability. Explores every possible aspect of competitive riding: preparation of the horse, vaccination, shoeing and clipping, development and fitness work and feeding. The book helps develop horse management detecting injury and illness, offering advice on care during competition, transportation, warming-up procedures and care after competition.
From the bookseller: This is one of those books where they sent a photographer to Badminton or Burghley and told them to shoot only horsecare photos. And they're great. Lots on care of the horse after the competition and in achieving fitness.
We sold this book for a while, this is the last copy. In brand new condition, still! $10 plus post

Complete Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies
by Tamsin Pickeral
Softcover, 384 pages, indexed
If I ever saw a one-stop book on horses, this is it. Crammed full of info and bright color photos, it goes through all the breeds (including many that were news to me), plus all the disciplines, tack, etc. in clear encyclopedia style but very visual and contemporary. Not a bore at all! It's fat and heavy! Useful, handy to have around. Look anything up, I dare you, it's in this book! $5 plus post. 

Everyday Horsemanship
by Eliza R.L. McGraw
Softcover, 224 pages, 2006
This attractively-designed, all-color book is brand new and is one of the more recent books to provide an all-around reference for people keeping horses, not just riding them. Lots of good advice here, although the photos show English-only horses, this book makes sense to anyone, any breed. $5 plus post.

Getting Your First Horse
by Judith Dutson, foreword by John Lyons
Soft cover, 168 pages.
A great guide for the novice and a reminder for old hands: how to look at a horse and your ability to house, train, and ride different horses that may be available. Objective and not condescending. $3 plus post

Horse Handling and Grooming
by Cherry Hill
Softcover, 148 pages, profusely illustrated with photos
This book shows you how to clean a horse and move it from point A to point B...with very detailed photos. The section on using a twitch is great. Don't write this off as beginner stuff. The closeup photos of clipper blades will make you feel guilty. $5 plus post.

The New Book of the Horse
by Sarah Haw
Soft cover, large format, 1990, 207 pages
Almost new condition, the corners are lightly bumped but the spine is almost uncracked. Still one of the best reference books because everything is spelled out in photographs. Really: everything! Care and English riding covered in depth. $3 plus post.

The Random House Book of Horses and Horsemanship
by Paula Rodenas, Foreword by Walter Farley
Hardcover, laminated cover, 1991, 180 pages.
One of the best all-around horse books ever published. Nothing re-hashed here. Great photos of USET in action, farms, farriers, vets, etc. from the 90s. Covers sports, anatomy, training, lots more, with many interviews. This is a used copy with child-like writing inside. $4 plus post.
Know Your Ponyby Susan McBaneEverything the young rider needs to know to safely care for and enjoy his or her pony. From Britain, a very thorough guide with great illustrations. This is a used copy and has the former owner's sticker on front page. $3 plus post

The Way of a Man with a Horse: A Practical Book on Horsemanship
by Lieut.-Col. Geoffrey Brooke DSO, MC,
Veterinary Notes by Colonel Todd DSO, RAVC,
and a chapter on Pig-Sticking by Lieut-Col. Arthur Brooke DSO, MC
Published in 1920 or so. This is a beautiful book with lovely, clear "tipped-in" photos showing foxhunting, military and sport horses around the time of World War I. It's a treasure, especially for the POLO lovers out there. Great conformation shots of polo ponies. Plus 50 pages of veterinary advice, also shoeing. Interesting rocker toe shoes for stumblers. Book is hardcover, in good shape, but binding is a bit fragile: handle with care and treasure it always. 288 pages, indexed. So elegant! A bargain at $30 plus post.


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