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A Horse Called Wonder
(from the "Thoroughbred" Series of novels for young adults)
by Campbell, Joanna
Also used, but in almost-new condition. Our girl Ashleigh struggles to save a foal's life. FREE with any $10 order of children's books!

Bluegrass Champion (Harlequin Hullabaloo)
by Dorothy Lyons
Hardcover, 1949, Grosset + Dunlap, first edition (assumed)
The unforgettable story of a Saddlebred champion told in a wonderfully way. I loved this book, way back when and was surprised when this copy came my way. This would be the perfect book for some girl, somewhere. It lacks a dust jacket and the corners are rounded, but it's a great read! (and you'll learn a lot about saddle-seat riding and gaited horses) $5 plus post

The Capture of the Golden Stallion
by Rutherford G. Montgomery
Illustrated by George Giguere
Hardcover, Grosset + Dunlap, 1951
Front end paper is ripped out of this book, for some reason. It is not ex-library and it is not bad shape. No jacket and some stains on cover but binding is good. Another one of the classics! $3 plus post

Crazy for Horses
by Karen Briggs, photos by Shawn Hamilton
Soft cover, 32 pages, all color
A photo guide to horse breeds for reference by most everyone, but sort of packaged to appeal to junior high and older kids. A handy book to have around. Brand new.
$2 plus post

The Forbidden Stallion
(from the "Thoroughbred" Series of novels for young adults)
by Campbell, Joanna
Again, used but in great shape. Ashleigh sneaks into the neighbor's paddock and rides a racehorse. FREE with any $10 order of children's books!

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
by Jan Brett
Hardcover, 32 pages, 1981
Every shaggy pony's dream comes true for Fritz when the people in the village realize that you don't have to be a long-legged well-bred beauty to be of value. A wonderful story for children everywhere!
This is an ex-library copy with a protective plastic cover over the dust jacket. It has the usual library markings. Children LOVE these illustrations--I do, too! $2 plus post.

The Georges and the Jewels
by Jane Smiley
Hardcover, Knopf, 2009, First Edition, like new condition
Pulitzer-Prize winner Jane Smiley turns her pen to a horse-crazy girl who has had a string of friendly horses--all named George or Jewel. But then into her life comes Ornery George. Abby looks at life and a way to get out of riding him again, and what her father will have to say about it. A realistic portrayal of a girl's relationship with horses. Dust jacket flap has been price-clipped, otherwise as new. $5 plus post.

Going to a Horse Farm
by Shirley Kerby James, Illustrated by Laura Jacques
Softcover, used, 1992, Charlesbridge
Very good condition, cover has some corner bumps.
This book is so valuable! It walks young children through a horse farm. Designed to be read to pre-schoolers. Big colorful realistic art of everything they would or will or did see at a horse farm. Explains lunging, tacking up, halters, basics of the first lesson experience, what to expect at the farm. Very friendly tone. I love this book. $3 plus post.

Hiding Glory
by Laura Chester
Hardcover, Willow Creek Press, 2007, first edition, new
A Christmas favorite a few years ago, last copy. From the author's description: "...the wild tale of a small blue horse named Glory, (guardian of the morning glory vibe), who takes Turner Flint off to the land of Joya. Here they must fight a tribe of terrible tidy-uppers, as well as an even more lethal foe. This charming narrative, illustrated by Gary Lippincott, delves into the many challenges that face young girls, from jealousy, loss and sadness, to overcoming fear." New, $5 plus post.

Horses of the World Coloring Book
by John Green
1985, Dover Publications, soft cover, 42 black and white line art drawings to color.
It's a trip around the horse world! Get out the crayons or the colored pencils and create works of art out of these sketches of the polo ponies, the Spanish Riding School, the circus liberty horse, the dressage hosre, the Shire! They're all here. Lots of fun, and lots to learn. Free with an order of $10 of chidlren's books.

The Island of Horses
by Ellis Dillon
Hardcover, 2003, new
Chosen by the Sunday Times (London) as one of its 99 Best Books for Children; from publisher: The people of remote Inishrone, a few miles off the Connemara coast, know better than to go to the Island of Horses. Everyone has heard tales of men who have gone there and never come back. Yet one day young Pat Conroy and his friend Danny MacDonagh head off anyway, telling their parents that they are fishing for eels. On the island they find no ghosts but many mysteries, including a beautiful—and tame—black colt. But when they return home, with the colt in tow, they find themselves launched into a world of trouble. Before their adventure is over, the boys must brave rough seas and the murderous duplicity of a conniving horse trader, with only the advice of Pat's frail grandmother and their own good sense to guide them. A loving, clear-eyed portrait of rural Irish life, The Island of Horses is fraught with suspense and peopled with unforgettable individuals. $7 plus post.

JUMP! Six Card Games
Have fun with kids away from television! Great for road trips, campouts, all that downtime at horse shows or when the power's off. Brand new, still in shrink wrap. Cost new $9.95; blog price FREE with purchase of $10 of children's books.

Kentucky Derby Winner

by Isabel McLennan McMeekin
Hardcover, 1951, Grosset + Dunlap, 224 pages

Excitement is in the air when spring rolls through the Bluegrass. And then the gypsies show up! Children actually go to see the stallion Lexington. There is great history in this book, about both Kentucky and the Thoroughbred breed in America. Very special $13 plus post.

King of the Wind
by Marguerite Henry, illustrated by Wesley Dennis
1948, hardcover, appears to be the first edition!
How many of us had our first impressions of Arabian horses molded by this book, along with The Black Stallion, of course?  How amazing to have a first edition! It has no jacket but the bright red cloth boards are in great shape and have a gold horse head and the title. The spine type has faded. I love the illustration of the farrier! $6 plus post.

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West
by Marguerite Henry
Soft cover, 1975, 223 pages, Rand McNally
A lovely copy of the classic. Sturdy binding, nice paper. A slightly used copy with some soiling on end papers but the cover and rest of the book are very clean. Tiny bit of corner bumping. Worth reading to/with children, given how wild horses are so prevalent in the news. $3 plus post.

by Maureen O'Hara
Hardcover, ex-library, second printing , 1943
Do kids still read Maureen O'Hara? they should! She also wrote "My Friend Flicka" but I always like Thunderhead better of the pair. Here's a super reading copy, the real thing. This would be a super book to read aloud to a 10 year old. (it would take a while, it's not a short book) It's a little beat up but historic. $3 plus post

Waiting for Stardust (from the "Thoroughbred" Series of novels for young adults)
by Campbell, Joanna Used - Very Good Paperback 1999; almost like new except for a crease on front cover corner. Doesn't appear to have been read. Extremely tight, binding is not "broken" yet by reading. Here's one of the rare special books in this famous series. It can be yours. From one horse lover to another! $4 plus post

Wild Palomino: Stallion of the Prairies
by Stephen Holt, Illustrated by W.C. Nims
Grosset + Dunlap, hardcover, 1946, first edition (assumed)
Welcome to the Twin Anchor Ranch! What will become of Rocket? Remnants of an old book plate on front endpaper but not ex-library. $3 plus post

Windy Foot at the County Fair
by Frances Frost
Illustrated by Lee Townsend
Hardcover, Whittlesey House, 1947, 10th printing McGraw-Hill
Another classic, with all the great fun that used to be a country fair--diving horses, pulling horses, racing horses! If only it was still like this on the is ex-library and has no dust jacket but it's still great! $3 plus post.


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