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by Dick Francis
Hardcover, dust jacket, new condition, 1987
Someone is shooting the horses of Newmarket. Can Kit Fielding find the shooter without getting shot himself? I love Dick Francis and you will too once you dive into this one. Illustration is not from book. $4 plus post.

Driving Force
by Dick Francis
Hardcover, dust jacket, 318 pages, like new.
What angle of horse racing has Dick Francis not used as a device for a murder? In this one, he's set the plot inside a horse van delivering Thoroughbreds to a racecourse. What can possibly go wrong? Lots! $4 plus post.

The God of Animals
by Aryn Kyle
Hardcover, 2007.
I can't tell you why I liked this book so much. An isolated, alienated teenager observes what goes on at the riding stable run by her family. She knows her family needs the wealthy new client, but what unravels is a story that rings true about just how perceptive teenagers can be, and how their emotional lives can sometimes center on animals to protect themselves from dealing with the humans in their lives. I thought this was really well done. Maybe it's not a horse novel, but there are plenty of horses in it. I love the cover too! $5 plus post.

The Hearts of Horses
by Molly Gloss
Hardcover, Houghton Mifflin, 2007, 304 pages, new
In the winter of 1917, a big-boned young woman shows up at George Bliss’s doorstep. She's looking for a job breaking horses, and he hires her on. Many of his regular hands are off fighting the war, and he glimpses, beneath her showy rodeo garb, a shy but strong-willed girl with a serious knowledge of horses. So begins the irresistible tale of nineteen-year-old Martha Lessen.

Natural horsemanship 100 years ago? Monty Roberts' long-lost female ancestor? You decide. Great escapist read; love the cover! I have several NEW copies left and can offer you one FREE for any order of $10 worth of fiction books in this section. Just add it to your list.

Horse Heaven
by Jane Smiley
Here's the trade paperback edition. Big enough to get your hands around and you will keep them there for all 561 pages. This book is one that I enjoyed immensely, though I sometimes got confused about which horse was which. This isn't the copy I read, though. I wish it had been so nice. This is a brand new copy that I thought would sell, but my farrier and vet customers weren't convinced they wanted to read it. But you know better. Jane Smiley did win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, after all. It is a little worn around the edges from its travels to trade shows. $8 plus post.

The Horse Whisperer
by Nicholas Evans
AUDIO BOOK on four cassettes (abridged)
The book was better than the movie, that's all I can say. And this is a good reader, Peter Coyote. The description of the truck wreck is sooooo realistic, keep your hands on the wheel if you are going to listen to that part! $5 plus post.

Kentucky Heat
by Fern Michaels
Hardcover, first edition, 2002
Kentucky's Diamond clan is battling the legal system and each other to breed and train a Derby prospect. Can Nealy pull it off? A great beach read or long plane ride. Like-new condition with perfect dust jacket. $5 plus post.

Light of the Moon
by Luanne Rice
Hardcover, new, 2008
Can you imagine a better setting for a horse novel than the Camargue delta region of southern France? The marshy wilderness is home to a special herd of "wild" gray horses, and your imagination can certainly run wild. A couple of Americans find their way there for separate reasons and run into each other as the wild horses gallop on in the moonlight. Good stuff. Last leftover copy. $5 plus post (was $25).

The New Treasury of Great Racing Stories
Edited by Dick Francis and John Welcome
Hardcover with dust jacket, very good condition, 1994
Fourteen great stories, mostly British and Irish themed, will help you escape. Great book for a long flight. These are the classics--Damon Runyon included! $6 plus post

The Race
by Eunice Walkup and Oscar Otis
Hardcover, Simon and Schuster, 1973, 446 pages.
Inspired by Secretariat, two sports writers teamed up on this, and I enjoyed it. It's an adventurous romp to and from and within the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs. Like a time capsule of those great days. This copy is used but in great condition. $3 plus post.

The Running Foxes
by Joyce Stranger
Hardcover, Viking Press, 1966, 152 pages.
This is a used copy without a dust jacket, so it doesn't look like the photo. The cloth cover of this novel does have a fox head embossed into it, though.

From a review: "The penetrating cold and damp of the morning mist on the hills and the warm, smoky camaraderie of the local pub are almost tangible in The Running Foxes. This simple but magical world is populated by a cast of gruff but good-hearted old men whose lives revolve around animals both for work and recreation and who I thoroughly enjoyed following as they hunted over the fells, made bets or came to terms with their loneliness.

"I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a book which managed to address foxhunting in quite such a balanced way. The author admires the foxes for their cunning and trickery, but also admires the men for their dedication to their animals, their country skills and the sense of community that the hunt brings. Both fox and man seem to enjoy the thrill of the chase. Of course, it helps that there are no fox killings in the book, but nonetheless it was refreshing to read something which is able to see both points of view and present them alongside one another."

There you have it. The book is illustrated with wood or linoleum cuts by David Rooks that are stunning. There's a weasel, too. $5 plus post. 

Stalking Horse
by Bill Shoemaker
Hardcover with dust jacket, first edition, 311 pages.
I meant to read it, I really did. Now you can read it and tell me all about it. This copy is in very good condition but it is a used book, however unread. It has a little shopwear and the former owner wrote the date on the endpaper. It's yours for $3 plus post.

The Three Mustangeers
by Will James
1933 Scribners, hardcover. Seems to be the first edition. No dust jacket. Illustrated green linen cover is rubbed, spine is faded. Front endpaper is pulled (surface split). Former owner's name written in pencil on endpaper. Book seems sturdy, well-built and contents are superb. Front cover has a single splash from a drop of something, probably long ago. A very serviceable copy of a great book that is probably worth a fortune. $23.50 plus post.

A Novel by Samantha Elphick
Hardcover, first edition, signed by the author
What happens when three boys find a wealthy woman polo player dead? Their lives change forever, and the discovery pulls them to the sport, of course. Her spirit lives with every thwack of mallet to ball. But the mystery of her death continues too, of course. A new copy, signed, first edition, 2007. $14.50 plus post

Whip Hand
by Dick Francis
Hardcover, dust jacket, very good condition, first US edition, 1979
Why is someone trying to harm the racehorses in investigator Sid Halley's ex-father-in-law's stable? You know it will be an exciting ride to find out the answer! This is classic Dick Francis and all about racing! The binding is a little pulled on this copy but the pages are all still sewn in and the dust jacket is in good shape, though faded a bit. Gift inscription written in front. $3 plus post.

by Maureen O'Donoghue
Hardcover, Simon and Schuster, 414 pages
This copy is a little bit used, there is some minor edgewear on the dust jacket but it's really a terrific copy. Nice Munnings painting of Cheltenham on the cover! A young Irish girl named Macha is left an orphan with her inheritance of a wagon, four horses and her father's lurchers. The next thing you know, she's a guest in England's finest drawing rooms. She is bound for Newmarket. Unlike other historical novels, this heroine actually rides. $4 plus post.


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